I work with people to allow the sharing of needs and ideas across languages and cultures. I’m an interpreter and an interpreter trainer.

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Multilingual Virtual Events

We live and meet in online spaces these days. Often this reaching across time and space involves multiple languages and cultures. Our online interpreting service, String & Can, makes multilingual online communication seamless–and super cool.

Interpreter Training

Intepretation is art. It’s craft. It’s precision. And it’s important. Most of the interpreters I know are avid learners who deeply care about being excellent at what they do. Seven Sisters Training & Consulting provides training to interpreters who take it personally.

Language Access Consulting

The research is clear: services and outcomes are more effective when your clients and patients are given the respect of being allowed to express themselves in their language. Seven Sisters designs efficient, forward-thinking, compassionate language services program for your hospital, non-profit or corporation.

About Me


York University, Glendon College
Master’s in Conference Interpreting
Wofford College, Summa Cum Laude
B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Studies

Interpreting Experience

Full-Time Interpreter since 2007
Healthcare & Conference Settings
Specializes in Remote Interpreting Services

Interpreter Training

Online Interpreter Trainer & ToT
Curriculum Adaption for Virtual Environment
English Enhancement Coach
Co>lab Peer Practice Intensive

As both a professional interpreter and interpreter trainer in the Conference and Healthcare settings, Laura Vaughn Holcomb is all about virtual interpreting environments. She is a partner at String & Can Multilingual Online which specializes in providing Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services and online interpreter training. She tests, offers feedback, and promotes partnerships with leading interpreting technology developers such as KUDO, VoiceBoxer, and Interprefy.

Laura began her interpreting career over a decade ago as a Healthcare Interpreter—the conveyor of intimacies between embattled cancer patients and oncologists, between midwives and new mothers. She is a passionate advocate of the Healthcare Interpreting field, and was among the first to earn the nationally recognized Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI) credential.

As Adjunct Professor for the Glendon College Master of Conference Interpreting she is training a new generation of Healthcare Interpreting Professionals. She launched and currently teaches the Glendon Virtual Healthcare Interpreting Practicum, which focuses on interpreting technology and responsible remote delivery while allowing students to test their new skills in a professional working environment.

In 2017, Laura had the honor of teaching Cross Cultural Communication’s Online ToT of Online Training (wow!). She is also very proud to serve as a trainer, curriculum developer and English retour coach for the Brazil-based, 2-year, online Interpret2B program. In addition to her online training activities, Laura advises other training programs on how they can successfully incorporate distance education tools and adapt in-person trainings to the virtual environment.

Her face-to-face training work includes the annual Co>lab Interpreting Intensive in which conference interpreting professionals come together (in-person!) to practice, experiment and receive feedback from friendly colleagues. Furthermore, Laura and her team published major research in 2017—Mexico’s first nationwide survey of T&I professionals—on behalf of the Italia Morayta Foundation and InterpretAmerica.

Laura holds a Master in Conference Interpreting from Glendon College. Raised in the United States, she has studied, worked and lived throughout Latin America, and is currently based in the coffee growing regions of Brazil.

Laura’s robust respect and affection for the Americas took root in her college years while living, studying, and teaching in the Dominican Republic and later in Valparaíso, Chile. These experiences, together with Laura’s fascination for language coalesced into a career in interpretation.

The connection, joy, and friendships that Laura has been fortunate enough to enjoy in all the places she has lived and traveled have contributed to a vast and varied repertoire of contexts and dialects within the diverse Latin American family of nations. This core of experience, together with excellent training and a passion for communication are treasured guideposts in the exercise of her craft.

But beyond excellence in her craft, her years spent working outside the booth, in the consecutive mode have attuned her to the art of customer service. She maintains that beyond being stewards of a message, that interpreters are relationship-builders: between the audience and the speaker, between the agency and their client, between the interpreter and the surrounding team. Her idea of a job well done is when she takes care of the details, so that no one else has to.


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